Karin Carlander textiles are made of 100% natural linen certified by Masters of Linen®. When correctly cared for linen conserves all its qualities even after numerous washings.


  • For maximum absorbency soak the textile in cold water overnight before first wash.

  • Never use a soap or detergent with brightener.

  • Pre-treat any stains prior to washing. Do not use bleach.

  • Machine wash: Always use a gentle spin cycle, with a high water level. Textile No. linen can be washed at 60° if needed, but we recommend lower temperatures to save energy in the laundry process.

  • Please do not pour detergent or soap directly on the textiles. Add it into the soap-drawer of the laundry machine where the detergent and water will be correctly blended.


  • Please line-dry Textile No. linen. Stretch the selvedges a bit before hanging.

  • Do not tumble dry the textiles as this will break the linen fibers.


  • Ironed while damp using maximum temperature or a steam iron.

  • If needed, sprinkle water on the fabric to avoid stubborn wrinkles

  • To make the linen shine and extra crisp cold mangle the textiles while it is moist.