“I launched TEXTILE No. in summer 2013 as my own brand and design. My goal was to bring my hand-woven designs into a contemporary context.”

The collection is based on three simple principles: sustainability, multifunctionality and a mix-and-match colour palette. The textiles are designed to last, both aesthetically and functionally.

TEXTILE No. carries the Masters of Linen® certificate. All textiles in the collection are woven of 100% European linen spun from naturally grown flax watered entirely by rainfall. All manufacturing processes are done within Europe.

Karin Carlander TEXTILE NO. linen textiles

Photo: Jeff Hargrove

Karin Carlander-Photo Ole Akhoej_K0A0496_2.jpg

Photo: Ole Akhøj


The TEXTILE No. collection consists of textiles in different designs that are available in various sizes. The No. title relates to the specific size of the textile, where for example No. 4 measures 50x75 cm and are often used as a tea towel. Each No. comes in a variety of designs and colours. The design or colour may change, but the numbers stay the same.

The No. code is a neutral naming system that encourages the user to form their own associations and utility functions for the textiles. It is up to you!



The collection currently comes in 3 different designs:

Sashiko, Zigzag and Yinyang.

The textiles have woven selvedges as an important reference to handweaving and the artistic process behind the designs. All designs and colours match so you can combine them as you like.

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Photo:: Maya Matsuura

Karin Carlander TEXTILE NO. 4 - TEA TOWEL - Sashiko Design

Photo: Ole Akhøj


The Sashiko design is woven with white selvedges that add an artistic edge to the colour expression of the textile. The design is inspired by an old Japanese method of all-over stitching on multiple layers of cotton cloth. The technique was primarily intended to reinforce fabrics for heavy-duty use such as working jackets and leggings.

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The Zigzag design is woven with a special weaving technique that becomes apparent when you look closely and turn the fabric in certain ways to reflect the light; like a hidden treasure embedded in the fabric.

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Karin Carlander - TEXTILE NO. Zigzag Design - Natural Linen

Photo: Ole Akhøj

Karin Carlander - TEXTILE NO. Linen Tea Towel

Photo: Rigetta Klint


The Yinyang design is woven with striped selvedges that reflect and highlight the craftsmanship and knowledge behind the weaving process.

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