WEAVING - Contemporary Makers on The Loom



In WEAVING - Contemporary Makers on The Loom published by Ludion, author Katie Treggiden has collected the stories of 21 weavers from 10 different countries. The portraits of the craftsmen are combined with the history of modern weaving. The book paints a picture of a blossoming craft with portraits of diverse, contemporary weavers.

Katie Treggiden writes in the preface that “the history of weaving can be seen as a tug-of-war between hand and head, between control and speed, between risk and certainty.” She also cites David Prye, who describes the creation process as a unity, an organism in which the maker responds to materials and process throughout, to the regulated workmanship of certainty, where decisions are finalized before making begins.  

Karin Carlander from Raadvad north of Copenhagen is the only Scandinavian weaver featured in the book. With her collection of home textiles, called Textile No., Karin Carlander combines woven craftsmanship with industrial processes. The collection enables a wider public to become acquainted with the craft of weaving. All her textiles have woven selvedges as an important reference to hand-weaving. Karin Carlander works with functional textiles, because she thinks that the objects we handle in connection with everyday chores and activities should hold artistic value. 

WEAVING - Contemporary Makers on The Loom will be launched at Tate Modern in London 18 October, with a discussion panel consisting of four weavers from the book including Karin Carlander and the author Katie Treggiden. The launch takes place at Tate Modern on the occasion of the newly opened Anni Albers exhibition.

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Photo: Ludion

Cover photo: Maya Matsuura

Karin Carlander