TEXTILE NO. 10 - Guest Towel

TEXTILE NO. 10 - Guest Towel


Colour: Black

Measurements: 50 x 50 cm

100% naturally grown linen certified Masters of Linen®.

All processes made in Europe by a skilled and local workforce.

Pure linen is a natural material for your everyday life. Use it as a guest towel or in you bread basket when proofing bread. Linen has a preservative effect.  Wrap your bread and food in linen instead of plastic to save resources.  The quick drying process of linen leaves less time for bacteria to multiply.

Textile No. 10 has one hanger.  

Wash and care:

Linen is a natural material that changes structure when washed and with use. We see this as a part of the beauty of the material. The use of linen is a choice that requires some knowledge about the materials. Please read our wash and care instructions carefully before use. Be aware that excess fibers may occur during the first few washings.

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Karin Carlander TEXTILE NO. 10 - Gæstehåndklæde. 100% naturligt hør produceret i EU