Textile No.

reflexions on my philosophy

photo by jeff hargrove

I launched TEXTILE No. in summer 2013 as my own brand and design. My goal was to bring my hand-woven designs into a contemporary context and create a transparent brand with as few intermediaries as possible between the artistic process and the end-user. 

I have worked as a weaver and exhibited one-offs for many years. Anyone who masters a craft holds tacit knowledge that is conveyed through one’s hands and by example. Craft-based objects are created at a pace that leaves room for reflection, and that gives us a deeper understanding of and respect for how the objects we live with are made. 

I work with functional textiles, because I think that the objects we handle in connection with everyday chores and activities should hold artistic value. 

The name TEXTILE No. has roots in the system of numbers that are widely used to indicate the thickness of the yarn and the number of threads, crucial information for the weaver when planning a textile.  Each No. represents a size and comes in a variety of designs. The design may change, but the No. stays the same.

The brand is based on three simple principles: sustainability, multifunctionality and a mix-and-match colour palette. All the textiles in the collection are woven or crocheted of 100% European linen spun from flax naturally grown in France. 

The size of the textiles relates to a number; for example No. 6 measures 150 x 100 cm, No. 9 50 x 25 cm etc. The collection does not include a No. 1, as no number has more value in the collection than any other. Each No. comes in a variety of designs. The design may change, but the No. stays the same. 

All the textiles in the collection have woven selvedges as an important reference to hand-weaving and the artistic process.